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Tupac Shakur's posthumous releases now include a sex tape

In a revelation that could briefly derail what has so far been a promising career for an ostensibly dead guy, TMZ reports that a sex tape featuring Tupac Shakur has surfaced, threatening to overshadow Shakur’s more recent efforts to establish himself as a respected screenwriter, in addition to whatever future recordings he has planned. The five-minute tape, reportedly shot in 1991, shows Tupac entering a roomful of groupies with his pants down—as one would—then pulling one of them toward him and, as she begins performing oral sex on him, singing along to his own song that’s playing in the background, all while “wiggling his hips” to the music. Then this happens: “As the woman services Tupac, who is holding a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in another, Money B from Digital Underground walks over to him. Tupac puts his cocktail arm around Money B, continues singing and dancing, and the woman never stops.” So once again, in typical Tupac fashion, even his posthumous sex tape one-ups the living.


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