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Tumblr waits expectantly as Marvel announces Poe Dameron comic series

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Hopefully shedding light on the questions surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakenssuper-cool fighter pilot Poe Dameron—questions like, “What’s he doing on Jakku with Max Van Sydow?” “How did he and BB-8 meet?” “Does he kiss boys?” “Where did he get that—” “Does he kiss boys, or what?” “Wait, I had a questi—” “TELL ME IF POE DAMERON KISSES BOYS”—Marvel has announced a new comic book focusing on the life of Oscar Isaac’s charismatic ace. Written and drawn by Star Wars comics veterans Charles Soule and Phil Noto, respectively, the series will largely center on Poe’s hunt for Von Sydow’s Lor San Tekka, but will also take some time to flesh out his relationship with General Leia Organa, his spherical droid buddy, and his fellow Resistance X-Wing pilots.

It’ll also introduce Poe’s own personal nemesis, in the form of a shadowy First Order operative who hunts him on his quest. Nothing else is known about the character, beyond that it’s a “new archetype almost,” and “something fresh and cool,” which we’re going to just assume means “jilted ex-boyfriend,” because if Marvel doesn’t come out and make Poe at the very least bisexual, Tumblr is probably going to implode.


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