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Teen Wolf

Bringing together the two halves of the Tumblr mindset—the one that’s perverse, shameful, and obsessive, and the side that just likes porn—The Wrap is reporting that Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin has joined the cast of Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to last year’s surprisingly sexless “erotic” drama Fifty Shades Of Grey. The 28-year-old Hoechlin—who plays handsome werewolf Derek on the increasingly inaccurately named MTV show—will appear in the film as author Boyce Fox, an unseen character from the books whose part has been expanded, presumably so that they could cast a werewolf guy to play a dude named Fox. (Many of Hollywood’s most critical casting decisions are often based on puns.)

Boyce is signed by heroine Anastasia Steele (still Dakota Johnson, somehow) to her publishing company, in what’s seen as something of a coup; it’s unclear how he’ll interact with her ongoing BDSM-for-bored-moms-based relationship with Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey. Hoechlin—whose past credits include 7th Heaven and a starring role alongside Tom Hanks in Road To Perdition—is just the latest newcomer to the cast of human Barbie dolls in director James Foley’s living toybox; Kim Basinger recently signed on for the film as well.


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