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The cult-classic horror film Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil is most likely getting a sequel. Stars Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine casually announced the news at a horror convention in Cincinnati this past week. In the video below, Tudyk reveals that producers are interested in making a sequel—something he found out only after he’d made fun of the “producer-y type guys” he mistakenly thought had squashed the idea. Labine promises the film will be just as good as the first, assuring the crowd, “Don’t worry. Alan and I will never make a shitty sequel.”

The first Tucker & Dale—which had a limited theatrical release, but earned a cult following on Netflix and home video—follows two best friends who get mistaken for “murderous backwoods hillbillies” by some preppy college students. The horror-comedy features a series of increasingly ridiculous accidental deaths as Tucker and Dale just try to lend a helping hand. Given that there’s no director, script, or even writer attached to the sequel just yet, another Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil is likely still a ways off. But that just means there’s still plenty of time for new fans to discover it. [via /Film]

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