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Tuck your pants into your socks because this Stranger Things' teaser is teeming with rats

Stranger Things’ third season remains cloaked in mystery, despite Netflix releasing the episode titles for the eight-episode arc. One of those titles, however, takes on some new resonance in light of a brief new teaser shared by the show’s Twitter account. In it, we see seven seconds of rats as they scurry across the floor of what looks to be an abandoned factory. The accompanying caption tells us that “it’s almost feeding time.” Oh, and what’s episode two called? “The Mall Rats.”


One thing we do know about the third season is that it centers around Hawkins’ Starcourt Mall, so we initially thought of the title in the same slacks-a-daisical light as Kevin Smith’s 1995 film of the same name. That white space between “mall” and “rats” is intentional, though, as it appears Scoops Ahoy is due for some furry, four-legged customers.

You can also trace the critters through a few of the season’s other titles, such as penultimate episode “The Bite.” A rat bite? Probably! There’s also episode 3, “The Case Of The Missing Lifeguard,” the culprits of which are probably rats. Episode 5 is called “The Source.” Could it be about the “source” of the rats? And is that source a demogorgon? Or Jake Busey?

Stranger Things returns on July 4, when we’ll all see Will get eaten by rats. 

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