And two little Lannisters - Goodnight, Westeros

Millions of kids may have spent their earliest years being tucked in with the pages of Goodnight Moon. Margaret Wise’s illustrated classic has helped generations of small children find their way to sleepy time with a peaceful reckoning of bedroom playthings.

And because it can’t leave anything alone, Mashable has shared a Game Of Thrones-themed homage to that bedtime classic tale titled Goodnight Westeros. Like its source material, it helps make a vast, overwhelming landscape seem like a much more intimate space. The adaptation also has a nice attention to detail, including George R. R. Martin’s DOS computer.


Of course, with its fair share of severed heads, bloodthirsty direwolves, and traitorous whores, Goodnight Westeros is probably not appropriate reading material for the youngsters in your life. Not unless you want them interrupting you during episodes of Game Of Thrones, complaining of nightmares and requesting a second tuck-in. Then again, it’s never too early to teach kids that the night is dark and full of terrors.