Tubi TV, a free VOD service, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, just like the fictional Hooli and Pied Piper empires on Silicon Valley. They’re also in need of engineers, just like Hooli and Pied Piper sometimes were (stay with us here). And from the union of that particular Venn diagram, an idea was born: to create Silicon Valley-inspired ads to lure engineers to work in the real Silicon Valley.

The three ads in rotation prove that the days when you could dazzle a stockbroker by solving the Rubik’s cube he keeps handy for some reason are long gone. To be competitive in the current job market, you need an expansive set of skills or, at the very least, a considerable knowledge of HBO dramedies. But it’s probably not all fun and games: You could unintentionally reveal undesirable employee traits by responding to a particular ad.


For example, you might see the ad that references optimal tip-to-tip efficiency and then contact Tubi with the mean jerk times that you calculated for your fellow commuters while you waiting for the bus that morning. In your mind, you were just concerned with coming up with the “most reliable metric for stamina,” but as far as your future employer is concerned, you might be a liability. Better play it safe by applying for membership in the Tres Commas club and sending your resume and CV to Russ Hanneman.