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Try to guess which actor is playing which role in Bruce Willis’ new movie

Jason Momoa, Thomas Middleditch, and Famke Janssen

For reasons beyond understanding, Bruce Willis has decided to re-team with the writers of the deeply unpleasant Cop Out. (Well, there’s probably a paycheck involved, so there’s at least one reason.) The actor-turned-professional-sleepwalker will be headlining the action comedy as an L.A. private eye whose “professional and personal worlds collide when his dog is stolen by a gang.” Fair enough, but what about the supporting roles? According to The Hollywood Reporter, three respected character actors have signed on as well, which means it’s time for a round of “Which Actor Is Playing Which Role?”

Warning: This game is often considered extremely difficult, and who’s to say when someone is playing against type? Actors love a good challenge. So let’s get right to it. Of these three actors:

  1. Jason Momoa
  2. Thomas Middleditch
  3. Famke Janssen

Which one is playing each of the following characters?

  1. “A gang leader who ends up with the dog and forces the private eye to do some jobs for him.”
  2. “A geek working in Willis’ one-man operation.”
  3. Willis’ sister-in-law.

We should warn you, there’s a time limit, and no one will judge you for giving up.


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