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TruTV orders a second season of At Home With Amy Sedaris

Photo: Jason Kempin (Getty Images)

At Home With Amy Sedaris, TruTV’s weird mash-up of variety shows, cooking shows and talk shows, was an absolute delight in its first season near the end of last year, and the network announced this week that it will be heading back to Sedaris’ house for another season. That comes from a press release, which says the second season of At Home With Amy Sedaris will run for 10 episodes and that it will go into production later this year. That means it hasn’t been made yet, so we don’t know anything about it other than the fact that Sedaris will still be there along with her co-creator Paul Dinello. Stephen Colbert will probably show up, as he often does when Amy Sedaris does things, but we can’t say for sure.

We also don’t know when it will premiere, but that will also probably happen later this year.


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