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TruTV is developing a show about lifehacking (but not Lifehacker)

After that stolen celebrity nudes scandal from a few weeks ago, hacking has never been hotter. That’s why TruTV is jumping on the bandwagon and making a hacking show of its own, but this one isn’t about computer hacking, it’s about lifehacking. No, you haven’t suddenly found yourself living in The Matrix, lifehacking is actually a word that describes clever little tricks that people can use to save themselves time or money or whatever. So instead of using a computer to steal naked pictures of famous people, it’s about saving money by getting the small soda with no ice instead of the medium soda. That may be a terrible example of a lifehack, but that’s because we’re not the new TruTV series Hack My Life. (Not affiliated with popular life-hacking website Lifehacker.)

According to The Wrap, TruTV describes the show as a “humorous and practical life-hack series that puts a comedic spin on the never-ending supply of everyday life hacks,” which should help differentiate it from all of those somber and impractical shows. Every week, hosts Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen will test the validity of various lifehacks, including suggestions that fans can submit to the show’s official Tumblr page. Hack My Life isn’t set to premiere until January, but you can make the time go faster by removing pages from your calendar and violently arguing with anyone who dares to tell you that it’s still September. That’s a free life hack, courtesy of The A.V. Club.


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