Parks And Recreation

TruTV’s plans for next season include getting Jammed—ghost and otherwise. The Billy On The Street network has announced that it’s given a series order to a new show from Jon Glaser. The erstwhile Councilman Jeremy Jamm will host Jon Glaser Loves Gear, a docu-series that will reportedly showcase the various things he likes—er, loves. The 10-episode “hybrid comedy” will see Glaser shopping for the titular gear while also wearing it, presumably because he has so many hobbies, including buying gear. The series is slated to premiere in the fall.

The network has also ordered Greatest Ever, a “fast-paced, informative and fun pop-culture comedy countdown show” hosted by comedian Amanda Seales (My Brother And Me). It sounds like it will be some kind of crash course in etiquette that will cover everything from weddings and animal videos to politicians and infomercials. Greatest Ever premieres July 5, and will be joined on TruTV’s summer lineup by Lifescaping, which also purports to teach people things they should know. Lifescaping (a working title) will be hosted by Matthew Latkiewicz and Abbi Crutchfield, who will teachers viewers such life hacks as hailing a bartender, as well as perform a few sketches.


TruTV has also renewed Billy On The Street, Impractical Jokers, Adam Ruins Everything, and Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack, among others. A few new specials will also air in the 2016-2017 season, including an Impractical Jokers live event, and comedian Hari Kondabolou’s cultural exposé, The Problem with Apu (yes, that one), which premieres this fall.