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Illustration for article titled Trumps probably jealous of the cheers this cat got after crashing last nights Cowboys-Giants game
Screenshot: NFL (YouTube)

Sporting events have long been seen as microcosms of our country’s emotional state—a mishmash of people from various walks and stations of life, all crammed together in small areas that inevitably results in us yelling expletives at each other. Perhaps this is why we’re still basking in a single, fleeting moment of unity which graced us during last night’s Cowboys-Giants game, when it seemed as if an avatar of the American spirit materialized on the field for a glorious few moments to truly express a singular emotion felt by everyone in this country. This avatar? An extremely pissed-off, chubby, drooling black cat darting across a football field to the consternation, annoyance, and bemusement of everyone around them.

Oh, it gets even better. Here’s sports commentator Kevin Harlan narrating the entire event as if it were just another normal play during the game. He even worked in a sponsor name drop, because he’s much better at his job than any of us are.


It’s also worth noting that not a single jeer could be heard in any footage of the incident we’ve seen so far, whereas the President of the United States received resounding catcalls and hisses (just let us have this) not once, but twice in the past two weeks.

Anyways, make the cat president is what we’re saying.

Update: Earlier this afternoon, Sports Illustrated provided fans with the definitive profile of our new feline MVP, interviewing her family and friends to chronicle the rise of “Shelly Whiskers” from humble alley cat to NFL play-stealing icon. No word yet on when the Whiskers 30 for 30 will premiere.


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