Not this one, to be fair, but still. (Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage/Getty Images)

Suggesting that this whole ā€œbecoming a real-estate mogul, a reality TV star, and ultimately (somehow) the President Of The United Statesā€ thing might have just been a cover to get his hands on the Nakatomi corporationā€™s bearer bonds, it turns out that Donald Trump was once business partners with Hans Gruber. As noted by New Yorker reporter Amos Posnerā€”and reported on by German news outlet Deutsche Welleā€”Hans Ulrich Gruber was a major part of Trumpā€™s mid-2000s plans to extend his empire of Trump Towers to Germany, presumably with the able assistance of Tony, Marco, Karl, and Franco.

And, look: We know this Gruberā€”who was once the head of German steel conglomerate ThyssenKruppā€”isnā€™t the Alan Rickman character from Die Hard, trading quips, humming ā€œOde To Joy,ā€ and getting shot by guys with pistols duct-taped to their back. (Heā€™s probably not even his evil brother, Jeremy Irons.) But given that Trumpā€˜s inner circle currently includes a guy who helped make Suicide Squad and a member of the Darth Vader fan club, thereā€™s still something very amusing to us about Rickmanā€™s drolly iconic bad guy rolling up to a West Wing table, right next to Scar from The Lion King, Lord Voldemort, and Mike Pence.