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Trump tweeted out a Nickelback meme and Nickelback got Twitter to take it down so thanks, Nickelback

Screenshot: YouTube

Nickelback has long served as the poster child for all things shitty in modern rock music, so much so that joking about them nowadays kinda feels like beating a dead horse (albeit a horse sporting tribal tattoos and an eyebrow ring). Is some of our collective ire for the Canadian rockers undeserved? Nah, they’re, like, really goddamn bad. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings! If you prick Nickelback, do they not bleed? And by “prick,” we mean rope into a conspiracy theory involving Joe Biden’s son and Ukrainian natural gas oligarchs to distract from an impeachment inquiry that could spell disaster for our current quasi-fascist administration run by a reality show host.

As The Guardian reports, it definitely looks like Chad Kroeger and the boys didn’t enjoy—Jesus Christ, this literally hurts us to type out—our president tweeting a version of the “Look At This Photograph” meme photoshopped to include a picture of Biden, his son, Hunter, and Devon Archer—handily labelled as “Ukrainian gas exec” in the image.


Well, you can no longer see the mind-numbing video on Trump’s account because Twitter removed it after receiving a complaint from the copyright owner, meaning Nickelback (or, more likely, their lawyers). If you’re a glutton for punishment, however, or just want to witness the unholy combination of one of the worst bands of all time coupled with one of our worst presidents, then by all means, be our guest...

(Please, for the love of God, note that The AV Club does not endorse the notion that Trump “hilariously” tweeted out the meme.)

The Guardian adds that this is the second time this year Twitter stepped in to take down a Trump post that violated copyright law—the first was a campaign video scored to music from The Dark Knight Rises. 

So, there you have it. Did anyone have “Nickelback gets angry about a copyright-infringing conspiracy tweet from President Donald Trump” on their Apocalypse Bingo board?


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