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Trump’s violent handshakes have been turned into a video game

Screenshot: American Hand Fighter II

Donald Trump’s insanely long and awkward handshakes with world leaders are getting the Mortal Kombat treatment on a new website, American Hand Fighter II. Finally we can put a label on the president’s most aggressive moves, like the “wrist snap” and the “shoulder punch.” Trump wins a majority of the rounds mostly because he refuses to ever let go of his opponent’s hand, and there are bonus rounds that include a group shot with the members of NATO and a potential moment of affection with Melania.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t interactive—yet. While we wait for American Hand Fighter III to hit the arcade circuit, it’s worth working on moves like “hand-size check” and “distract with Twitter” that are guaranteed to make you the Macron of your local arcade. (Those still exist, right?)


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