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Trump’s lawyer sucks at rock ’n’ roll, too

(Screenshot: JJohn Schlitt: Where I Stand with John Elefante, Jay Sekulow & Friends/YouTube)

Lawyer Jay Sekulow had a rough Sunday morning facing off against morning show hosts, attempting to deny that his boss, Donald Trump, was not under investigation. (Despite the fact that the president himself had tweeted that he was indeed under investigation.) But while you were watching Sekulow fumble through interviews, did you know that he also puts out some rocking jams? Well, now you do.

Spin has unearthed the bizarre existence of Sekulow’s band, which does covers and original songs like the one below from 2015, which is full of righteous indignation. It’s called “Undemocratic,” and includes both references to Hillary Clinton’s emails as well as the following lyrics: “Now we’re wrong if we’re right / It’s become systematic / Now we know how it feels / To live undemocratic.” The word “right” is highlighted in the video just to get the point across. Frankly, the best way to describe it is that it sounds like a South Park parody, but it seems to be the real deal. Sekulow appears to frequently take on the role of drummer.

Many Jay Sekulow Band videos are housed on the ”official” YouTube page of John W. Schlitt, a member of the Christian rock band Petra. As Spin notes, it also features former Kansas singer John Elefante, who now has his own Christian group called Mastedon. Indeed, much of the Jay Sekulow band’s material is explicitly Christian as well. Here Sekulow, Schlitt, Elefante, and others cover “Dust In The Wind.”

Still, Sekulow’s music isn’t as entertaining as the tap dance he did when facing off against Chris Wallace.


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