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Screenshot: Vic Berger

Entertainment company Super Deluxe’s Vic Berger said in multiple interviews last year that he was ready to be done with Trump in the lead-up to the election. Trump’s win, of course, changed those plans. As a comedic artist whose bread and butter is crafting video edits that interpret, pervert, and satirize the current state of affairs, Berger goes where the content takes him. That at least partly explains why his edits have become increasingly dark in the past several months, with a Lynchian sense of dread becoming more and more prevalent in his videos.

That’s how his latest, “American Horror Story: Trump’s Inauguration,” begins. After an unsetting intro from Trump supporter Jon Voight, a screeching siren is followed by a dark, rumbling drone while Trump and his cohorts march to their places, an eerie echo of Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” bon mot resounding as smiles give way to scowls. Berger’s nightmarish vision then juxtaposes Trump’s invocation of God with the arrival of a storm, which then leads into the lunacy of the entertainment at his inauguration ball.


“The world is an angry place,” Trump’s voice echoes throughout the video, casting a mournful, terrifying pall over Pelican 212, the band of pint-size trumpet players whose brass-bleating will one day herald the four horseman of the apocalypse.

When you’re finished, shake off some of that existential dread by watching some of Berger’s more playful fare. Might we suggest some Steve Harvey?

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