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Trump’s administration seems a little less sinister set to The Office’s theme song

Screenshot: YouTube

The scrappy, buoyant theme of NBC’s The Office set the tone of the show perfectly: Here’s a group of warm-hearted souls doing their best (and sometimes failing) in an office not unlike your own. Turns out the song’s powers aren’t limited to the Michael Scotts and Dwight Schrutes of our world. In a clip called “The Oval Office,” editor Brandon Smith recreates the show’s opening credits using clips of President Donald Trump’s new administration. Watch it below:

There’s Trump, looking endearingly clueless, and that irascible Mike Pence, whose no-nonsense (but well-meaning) character is clearly telegraphed by the “No Whining” sign in his hand. Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan is the charismatic hunk of the bunch, while U.S. Senator and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions is that kooky old fart with life lessons a’plenty. It’s almost enough to make you forget the disastrous policies they’re implementing!


[via Laughing Squid]

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