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Trump responds to Patriots-White House photo debacle with his usual wit

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Yesterday, the New England Patriots dropped by the White House in what’s become a standard gathering for Super Bowl winners. It was the second such visit the Patriots had made in as many years, but even so, the whole PR event might have come and gone were it not for the New York Times pointing out that it appeared to be sparsely attended.


Throw in the fact that Patriots quarterback and MVP Tom Brady had to pass on the whole thing, and it looked like Trump would never throw a successful shindig during his first 100 days in office. The Patriots responded to concerns about the low attendance overnight, though, noting that there were only two fewer players in the photo than in 2015’s, as well as pointing out that some players were seated in the more recent image. The correction was made to the Times article, but by now, Trump had become aware of the hubbub. And since he couldn’t just shut down (however briefly) the Twitter account in question, he fell back on insulting the Gray Lady.

Trump fired off that tweet either during or after today’s intelligence briefing, so it’s good to see his priorities are straight.

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