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Trump responds to health care setback by sitting in big truck, honking horn

Screenshot: Twitter

This afternoon Donald Trump received one of his worst political defeats yet, as his administration’s beleaguered Obamacare replacement was kicked within an inch of its life to a delayed vote because literally everybody on the planet hates it. This was partially due to the fact that Trump’s proposed replacement was an impossibility, and also an acknowledgment that, as Trump himself inimitably put it recently, health care is much more complicated than he initially understood. Also, perhaps Obamacare is a flawed but functioning and improving replacement to a broken system that was only vilified by an obstructionist, idea-less Republican party. Who knows!

Still, surprisingly, Trump has not responded to this setback by lashing out on Twitter or hunkering down with Paul Ryan to strategize a new bill that might better serve Americans, or, more specifically, the incredibly small slice of rich people that they consider Americans. No, instead Donald Trump has decided to have a good day. He is presently sitting in a big rig on the White House driveway pretending to be a truck driver. He is honking the horn and having a nice time. Evidence:


Perhaps the truck was placed in the driveway as a distraction to keep Trump away from Twitter, or perhaps it was a reward for having been a good boy. This morning, many wondered why he was newly declaring his love for trucks:

That question has now been answered. However, here’s a new question, relevant to the above: Has Donald Trump ever even driven a car?


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