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Donald Trump is in the U.K. at the moment, honoring our mother nation by doing his best impression of its favorite son, international traveler Mr. Bean. But even as he bumbles his way across the country, wandering into unflattering interviews about Theresa May and shoving his head definitively up the uncooked turkey of international disdain, Trump hasn’t lost sight of the real enemies of the American people: I.e., those portions of the American people who work for cable news organizations he doesn’t like.

In fact, vacation-Trump has been more open than usual in his attacks on his favorite punching bag, CNN, this week, with The New York Times reporting that he outright refused to take a question from the network’s Jim Acosta during a press conference with May. Dismissing Acosta with that now-familiar standby, “fake news,” he gleefully skipped over him before moving on to a Fox News reporter instead.


The escalation from Trump’s usual Twitter shittery was then highlighted even further by a tweet from Jake Tapper earlier today, stating that the White House was blocking National Security Advisor John Bolton from doing an interview on his show, State Of The Union. Besides denying odd moustache fetishists everywhere their regular fix, the cancellation of the Bolton appearance—which the man himself is apparently still ready and happy to do—suggests that the Trump White House is getting increasingly comfortable with treating one of the largest media organizations on the planet as its sworn enemy, which will definitely do a ton to quell worries that Trump is continually looking to restyle himself as a jowlier, gone-to-seed take on the Vladimir Putin strongman formula.

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