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Trump lackey references Seinfeld and George is gettin’ upset

Great, now George has access to the red phone. (Photo: Screencap)

The Trump administration has now drawn the ire of a Seinfeld cast member that isn’t Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The consternation comes after a 2015 video of Trump’s new national security adviser Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster started making the rounds. In the clip, which was taken at CNN’s Future Of War conference and has been making the rounds on Twitter, McMaster discusses how technologic advances are influencing modern warfare. Though the clip is about 40-odd minutes long, at about six minutes in, McMaster makes reference to how—in direct contrast to what Trump seems to believe—you can’t just “bomb the shit” out of jihadists and take off. As McMaster says, “targeting [enemies] is not a strategy,” saying that’s just the military version of “George Costanza in Seinfeld,” as in “You just leave on a high note. You just go do some military things and then leave.”


That reference, of course, made its way back to Jason Alexander, the actor who played George Costanza and who has been outspoken against the Trump administration on Twitter. Alexander first tweeted “Yes, I’m so proud… Dear God L,” before later clarifying that his “comment intended no disrespect to Gen. McMaster, who seems a fine man” but that he’s instead just extremely weirded out by “any leader quoting George.”

That went about as well as you’d think on Twitter, with right-leaning Seinfeld fans taking Alexander to task.


Alexander responded relatively thoughtfully, given the limitations of Twitter as a whole.


[via The Daily Dot]


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