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Trump is headed to Cannes. Well, satire Bad President featuring Stormy Daniels is headed to Cannes

Donald Trump; Stormy Daniels
Donald Trump; Stormy Daniels
Photo: Alex Wong (Getty), Ethan Miller (Getty)

One Donald Trump is already more than enough, but those attending the virtual Cannes Film Festival event next week will get a second dose of the president in the form of Bad President, a satire about Trump’s 2016 election experience. Deadline reports that the film has been picked up by VMI Worldwide, who will be shopping the comedy during the “festival.”

Bad President is a film we all need to see especially before the 2020 election to remind us of the incidents that took place five years ago. I enjoyed taking Trump’s true statements and unforgettable moments and turning them into something we could all laugh at,” Param Gill—the film’s producer, director, and co-writer—tells the outlet. Bad President is a bit of a Going To America reunion, with Gill working alongside America star Eddie Griffin and co-writer John Buchanan. In Bad President, Griffin plays the devil, who makes a deal with Trump (Jeff Rector), securing the “businessman” the Oval Office. The comedy also touches on Trump’s numerous scandals, which is how Stormy Daniels apparently got involved.

“The world is laughing at Trump not with him,” says VMI Worldwide’s Andre Relis, stating the obvious. “This film really nails it. [I am] happy to have the opportunity for VMI to premiere this film in Virtual Cannes.”


This of course is not the only Trump-centric content being released this year. Just this week, we compiled the highlights of former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s tell-all book so you don’t have to give him money when it comes out June 23. And for some inexplicable reason we have to wait until late November to see Showtime’s miniseries based on James Comey’s book, even though—whichever way the election goes—Trump is the last thing we’ll want to think about after Election Day.

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