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Trump eyeing Suicide Squad producer for top Treasury post

Suicide Squad

In the weeks since his election to the presidency-elect, Donald Trump has been building up a motley, comic-book-ready crew of renegades to fill out top-level posts and help him run the country: elusive billionaires, reluctant former enemies, and even a rabid, dangerous clown to keep everyone in line. Now, The New York Times is reporting that Trump has settled on a money man to keep this whole poorly thought out, incredibly risky operation in the black: Suicide Squad producer Steven Mnuchin.

A 17-year employee of Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin served for the last several months as the finance chair for Trump’s presidential campaign. He’s also a prolific movie producer with a surprisingly successful track record: In addition to DC’s chaotic summer blockbuster, he’s had a financial hand in everything from American Sniper to The Lego Movie to Mad Max: Fury Road. Now, his duties—pending Senate confirmation—will include overseeing the I.R.S. and the U.S. tax code, as well as carrying out embargoes on adversarial foreign states.


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