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Trump even screws up a simple holiday hat

Yes, the new Trump-backed healthcare bill is a massive clusterfuck, but as he’s the first to tell us, healthcare is more complicated than anyone could have possibly imagined. Surely, you might think, the Trump administration can correctly release something much simpler, like a cheerful hat to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day next week. But you would be wrong, as this administration’s continued avoidance of oversight and review has resulted in yet another snafu.


As Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, and others have pointed out, the holiday-themed green “Make America Great Again” hat (a promise that becomes more fleeting with each passing nanosecond) does not sport the traditional Irish shamrock, where the three leaves represent the Holy Trinity. Instead, the $50 hat (twice the price of Trump’s favored red MAGA cap that helpfully hides his facial spray-tan lines) features the lucky four-leaf clover, which has turned out to be another unlucky turn for the incompetent Trump administration. Fortunately, we have Twitter to gleefully point out these failings and offer possible reasons behind them:

In announcing the hat, the GOP also made the gaffe of referring to the holiday as “St. Patty’s Day,” instead of “St. Paddy’s Day,” a particular pet peeve of the Irish as it seems to indicate that St. Patrick is female. Or shaped like a patty.


The New York Times reports today that the errant green hats have now mysteriously disappeared from the GOP website.


Maybe the administration will do better with its next big holiday event, the Easter egg roll on the White House lawn. After all, Press Secretary Sean Spicer has lots of experience.

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