Photo: Ian MacNicol/Getty

Earlier this week, it was reported that Donald Trump had called the White House “a real dump”—a remark that many latched onto as evidence that the man who prefers to live inside a 24-karat gold mausoleum surrounded by naked cherubs is somehow lacking in taste or humility, or that Donald Trump may be careless with his words. Fortunately, we now know that this was yet another smear, perpetuated by the failing liberal golf media whose dismantling cannot come swiftly enough.

“I love the White House, one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen,” Mr. Trump said in an official presidential statement (tweet). “But Fake News said I called it a dump—TOTALLY UNTRUE.”


The rejoinder was aimed squarely at the partisan hacks of Golf Magazine, whose Alan Shipnuck concocted the piece as part of the continued, Soros-backed witch hunt into the President’s golf game. Though there were many scurrilous lies to be found within, including the TOTALLY UNTRUE accusation that Trump takes a lot of mulligans and is “portly,” the quote that got all the attention was the President’s alleged comment about the White House—the historic neoclassical mansion that is among the finest buildings-within-the-subcategory-of-personal-homes Trump has ever seen.

Fortunately, it was fake. It was all fake, as is everything the desperate golf media tries to spin. They were wrong about using your wedge to flop it instead of doing a short and sweet 8-iron bump-and-run, just like they were wrong about Trump not being able to get to 306 electoral votes. Golf Magazine absolutely failed to predict Trump’s victory, so why should anyone believe them ever again?


Nevertheless, Shipnuck maintains in a follow-up podcast interview that Trump did make the remarks “in front of eight or nine members and staffers at [Trump] Bedminster,” as relayed to Shipnuck by “an extremely credible source,” adding that the story was later repeated to him by “two or three different other sources.” Shipnuck, along with Sports Illustrated’s Michael Bamberger, also flail about trying to say how this quote appeared in a lengthy, nuanced article, and it was included as a means of portraying Trump’s “sort of wise-guy, New York sense of humor. He doesn’t really think the White House is a dump… He’s sort of trying to be funny, but whether he’s trying to be funny or not, he’s the President of the United States and people have such passionate feelings about the White House and the presidency. It’s almost like he doesn’t realize that everything he says now gets seen through a completely different prism.”

Sure, maybe Donald Trump doesn’t realize that the the presidency carries with it certain expectations of decorum and an enormous level of international scrutiny, and he should be more careful about expressing himself extemporaneously lest his words be construed as some sort of arrogant disregard for the responsibilities of the office.

Or maybe it’s the lying fake news golf media who are always out to get him.