(Photo: Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Fired FBI director James Comey’s testimony before Congress yesterday didn’t yield much in the way of new, damning info about President Donald Trump. Even the repeated references to the commander in chief being a liar weren’t much of a knock on his reputation, because that seems to be a given at this point—at least, no one there disagreed. Trump’s defense, from both his lawyer and fellow Republicans, amounted to making him out to be some kind of Greek-letter organization pledge, who was “naive” but also crushing on a dictator like, so hard.

Comey handled himself like a boss, though, refusing to let comments about his imposing size overshadow the president’s influence, and cracking wise about the pee tapes he hopes are out there. But the gist of the hearing was that Trump wasn’t under investigation for Russia stuff at the time Comey was fired, which meant we got little out of the proceedings beyond the resurgence of “Lordy” was an expletive. So, after getting his phone back from his lawyers—or whoever had had to hold onto it to prevent Trump from going off the rails mid-hearing—Trump jumped on Twitter to declare himself vindicated, and Comey “a leaker.”


Having dealt that sick burn, the president will presumably get around to sharing all the promises he made in Cincinnati on Wednesday, as part of his infrastructure week talks.