Photo: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Donald Trump is extremely proud of his inauguration, an event which he and his press secretary claim was enormously well attended, despite all available math and the analysis of crowd experts and the fact that you just had to fucking look at it. His inauguration was dwarfed the next day by the Women’s March, many times over in Washington, D.C. and in cities across the world. The images of Trump’s half-empty inauguration are a healing salve for people terrified of what the astonishingly unprepared commander in chief might do while in power, and the overwhelming success of the Women’s March serves a promise that whatever that is, it won’t come without a fight. The message is resoundingly clear, even to someone with an open disdain for information.

And so in typically Trump-ian fashion, he is lashing out at the sources delivering this news, doddering around clinging to a false version of reality. Earlier today, in seeming verification of his alternatively factual worldview, he tweeted a framed photo from his inauguration which shows a sweeping crowd present for the moment he successfully placed his hand on top of a Bible without a choir of baying goats cackling in hellish delight.


This is well enough! Decent crowd, man. The image is commemorated with a tacky Brush font—also known as “fancy Comic Sans,” or “Suburban Hair Salon”—but then, tackiness is par for the course with Trump. Unfortunately, as Keith Olbermann notes, the fine folks at “” made an error outside of the font:

Zoom in a little, and he’s right:

Screenshot: Twitter


Rather than admit the error and order a new sign, Trump will soon claim that his inauguration actually took place on January 21, as well. Alternative facts work every time.