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Trump attempts to cockblock the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with his own event

(Photo: Pool/Getty Images)

Moving from “shunning” into the realm of straight-up, “fuck you” counter-programming, President Donald Trump has announced that he’s staging another one of his ego-boosting, feel-good rallies next Saturday night—the same evening as Washington’s traditional White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


Trump made the announcement via Twitter, promising his followers a “BIG” rally, at which everybody likes him, and nobody will do any mean-spirited impressions of anybody else. (Unless the president sees another disabled reporter, of course.) Just a bunch of applause, zealous cheering, and, presumably, accusations that Trump’s various enemies spend their lives living in a bubble.

Trump announced that he wouldn’t be attending the Correspondents’ Dinner—which has seen a number of its regular participants back out in recent months—back in February. Still, the show will go on, with Hasan Minhaj set to host. Meanwhile, his fellow Daily Show alum, Samantha Bee, has whipped up a little counter-programming of her own, with her Not The White House Correspondents Dinner special set to air the same night as both Trump’s rally, and the official gig.

[via Deadline]

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