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In a move that absolutely will not backfire, White House press secretary announced today during a regular briefing that Donald Trump wants the media’s help to decide what charity he should donate his presidential salary to. That means Trump is letting the people he’s spent his entire presidency insulting choose what he does with his money, as if some cheeky hero isn’t going to take the opportunity to suggest stuff like the Committee To Protect Journalists, the ACLU, or any of the other organizations that are trying to stand up to Trump. And that’s also assuming that Trump isn’t totally full of shit, because it would be pretty surprising if he knew how to spell “charity,” let alone donate his $400,000 salary to one.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that Trump has suggested that he’d donate his presidential salary to charity before, but it also points out that he claimed he wouldn’t take a vacation, which is just hilarious. In other words, it’s impossible to say if this is one of those Trump things we’re supposed to interpret literally, or if we’re all just supposed to understand that he’s being sarcastic when he says something about charity.


If he is telling the truth, though, this whole thing reeks of some kind of scam, like he’d make a big show of letting other people decide where he donates the money and then suggest in an early-morning Twitter rant that the press secretly gave his money to one of Barack Obama’s evil witch covens or whatever. Anyway, here’s Spicy:

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