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Trump advisor Roger Stone keeps tweeting this photo of himself as the Joker

Screenshot: Twitter

Last week Kellyanne Conway, veering momentarily away from her normal script of generically trumpeting Trump administration talking points, tweeted her tacit support of DC’s decision to have Batman and Catwoman get engaged.


Shortly thereafter, the Trump administration Batmania continued as long-time advisor Roger Stone inexplicably tweeted out this picture of himself dressed as the Joker:

Much like the recent documentary Get Me Roger Stone, it is a little hard to look at. The Republican strategist and pundit has made a name for himself as a remarkably unscrupulous behind-the-scenes tactician; almost every article ever written about him contains the phrase “dirty trickster,” which is, conveniently enough, the exact phrase that Stone uses to describe himself. Accordingly, he has something of a spiritual branding alignment with hijinks and rabble-rousing, as evidenced by the Joker photo, which, as Mediaite reports, he just keeps posting. Here he is posting the photo back in 2015:


And, in an alternate take, in 2016:


He is, it appears, extremely proud of this shoot and to have also mistakenly absorbed the lesson from Batman movies that the Joker is to be emulated rather than outsmarted, contained, and imprisoned. Perhaps he also just likes dressing up. More recently, he donned this get-up to celebrate Trump’s inauguration:


Which was initimitably described as “a czarist Mr. Peanut” in one of the greatest rallies of insults in Twitter history. Stone runs a fashion blog for insane people at The Daily Caller, if you’re interested in shooting some more fish in a barrel.

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