(Photo: Getty Images, Sean Gallup)

Donald Trump’s entire presidency has basically been about dismantling or reversing nearly everything Barack Obama did while in office, which is why one of Trump’s primary goals has been replacing the Affordable Care Act with something that is objectively worse for everybody but him, his cronies, and every other heartless bastard in the GOP. Fortunately, the Trump administration is more incompetent than it is destructive, and one of the reasons it has actually been unable to do much of anything is that most of the people working in Trump’s White House seem to be shockingly bad at their job—unless their job is colluding with Russia, which everyone over there seems pretty good at.

The latest indication that the Trump administration is very bad and/or stupid comes in a new video that attempts to downplay the Congressional Budget Office’s estimation of how many people will lose their coverage if Trump and Paul Ryan’s new healthcare bullshit passes. The video itself is straightforward Trump nonsense, but as noted by NBC News’ Bradd Jaffy, whoever made the thing managed to misspell the word “inaccurately.”


As is the case with every story about Trump’s predilection for typos, it’s important to note that nobody’s is perfect and that everybody spells something wrong from time to time, but this is an official release coming out of the White House and it should be held to a higher standard than pretty much everything else. Plus, since there’s no chance he’s going to build his stupid wall, you’d think Trump would have a particular interest in making this healthcare bill seem like a good idea. And yet, he can’t even be bothered to make sure that the person making his damn videos knows how to spell.


The tweet has since been replaced with one that fixes the spelling mistake, but it’s worth remembering that doing so was also probably against the rules.