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True story: MTV to air three "retro" seasons of The Real World this weekend

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MTV’s reality show The Real World is entering its 28th (ugh) season, and in its continuing quest to make everyone over the age of 14 feel old, the network has announced plans to air three “retro” seasons of the show in their entirety as part of a marathon this weekend.


First up is the first season set in New York, which is already available on DVD. Viewers (who should totally read each episode's TV Club recap while they're watching) can catch a glimpse of Julie and Eric’s romance of convenience, Kevin’s quest to school the roommates on matters of race, and the actual time Heather B. bellowed the phrase, “Can you get the phone?!?”

Saturday afternoon, the network will begin airing Real World: Las Vegas, the show's 12th season and first to kick off with the now-standard threesome in a hot tub. It’s also one of the most off-the-rails years of the show, and some critics say it’s where the series finally and vehemently veered from heartwarming reality to pure, orchestrated smut. In other words, perfect Saturday afternoon fare.

Finally, spend Sunday morning with Puck and Judd, as MTV airs the third season of the series, Real World: San Francisco. Dig your fingers into a jar of peanut butter and watch as the network chronicles the late Pedro Zamora’s struggle with HIV/AIDS.

In typical MTV fashion, the entire weekend-long marathon will also feature sneak peeks at the series’ new season, Real World: Portland, as well as “insider commentary” from luminaries like Jersey Shore’s Snooki and former Real World and Challenge cast members.

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