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The reaction to the second season of HBO’s True Detective has been less than stellar. It’s still an entertaining exploration of the darkness that eats at the souls of men, but certainly has lost something from the propulsive first season that seemingly churned out classic episode after classic episode. Perhaps instead of the too on-the-nose Leonard Cohen opening credits, HBO should lean in to the pulp history of the L.A. cop scene and use that as the new source material for the show’s titles.


Vulture has taken the look and sound of the credits for Starsky & Hutch and blended them with footage from True Detective season two to make a new credit sequence. The result is a much more exciting and certainly funkier opening that suggests constant car chases, cops who are too cool for school, and one pissed off Vince Vaughn. It’s a retro look at a rather dour show that makes it a bit more fun than anyone else seems to be having watching the thing.

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