Promotion for the upcoming season of True Detective has already given us a trailer focused squarely on the slackened, sour faces of Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell. The newly released motion poster takes you to an even craggier, more despairing place—the L.A. freeway system—where the show promises to bring the show’s nihilistic worldview to the area where it is most deeply felt. Beneath the overpass of the controversial roadway where this season’s story of murder and corruption takes place, we can glimpse a flickering fire in the distance.


Is it an explosion? The Aurora Borealis? A fun trashcan campfire, where colorful hoboes gather ‘round to swap stories, heat up their hobo beans, and play harmonica renditions of songs about drinking and trains? We won’t know for sure until after June 21, but the dour tagline, “We Get The World We Deserve,” suggests True Detective hasn’t lost its knack for pithy cynicism that will look great on a coffee cup.

[via Yahoo]