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Illustration for article titled iTrue Detective/i’s Cary Fukunaga will direct a WWII spy movie (and Stephen King’s iIt/i, still)

Cary Fukunaga (he’s apparently stricken the Joji from his professional name) has signed on to direct a WWII spy movie, according to Deadline. Noble Assassin, about a French aristocrat who becomes a badass saboteur, is based on an unpublished novel, and will be adapted by Scott Silver (presumably the same Scott Silver who penned The Fighter for David O. Russell and 8 Mile for Marshall Mathers). Fukunaga’s stock has risen tremendously in the past few months thanks to his brilliant direction on True Detective. And he’s still apparently attached to direct a new adaptation of Stephen King’s It, which has been in the works since 2010, and is not dead according to producer Dan Lin. The last word on that movie was that it would actually be two full-length features, split (as the book is) between the main characters’ younger and older lives—which makes perfect sense for Fukunaga, who’s lately had some practice navigating long stretches of time in one story.


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