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True crime rock podcast Disgraceland is going on the road, hopefully won't get murdered there

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We’ve gushed on more than one occasion about Jake Brennan’s true crime music podcast Disgraceland—even going so far as to dub it our favorite newcomer of the 2018 podcast crop. Brennan’s show dives deep into the depressingly common intersection between the worlds of music and murder (and theft, and drugs, and pretty much every other illicit activity known to man). Now, he’s taking the show on the road, announcing today that Boston, Denver, and San Francisco will soon play host to a live stage version of the series.


On the docket for at least one of those shows: The Rolling Stones, whose criminal history Brennan will reportedly unfurl during the Denver outing, scheduled for May 25. It’s not clear yet who’ll get similar treatment for the Boston show on May 10, or an appearance at San Francisco’s Clusterfest in late June, but given that the show’s upcoming third season is promising deep dives on Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Ike Turner, Amy Winehouse, XXXTentacion, and more, we have to assume it’ll be suitably attention-grabbing stuff.

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