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Season two of Gotham is adding more characters into the mix—you know, because the first season wrapped up its many plot lines so well—and they’re mostly bad guys. The Joker and Mr. Freeze will reportedly appear next year, expanding the rogues’ gallery beyond the mobsters, The Penguin, The Riddler, and James Gordon’s libido. And Fox has just announced via Deadline that James Frain (True Blood, Orphan Black) will join the cast next season.

Frain will play Theo Galavan, a captain of industry who is also a handsome playboy type (Gotham certainly seems to have the most eligible, if unavailable, bachelors). Galavan is “lovingly devoted” to his sister Tabitha, who’s yet to be cast. The two very sexy (that’s what it says in the casting notes) siblings will initially appear to be the city’s saviors, but eventually Tabitha will become Tigress, a third-tier DC Comics villain who battled Batman in animated series like Batman Beyond. Until then, the Galavans will presumably terrorize the city the way only one-percenters can, by crippling the economy and/or keeping the minimum wage down.


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