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True Blood’s drawn-out coda may include a Broadway musical

Taking the series’ tendency to hit the same notes over and over again to its natural conclusion, a True Blood musical is in the works from the show’s longtime composer Nathan Barr. As Barr cautions to The Hollywood Reporter, the concept is still in its very early stages, and “there’s no guarantees” it’s headed to Broadway or that it will even make it past the workshop version he’s planning for next year. But Barr also says he’s already put together a presentation for HBO and True Blood creator Alan Ball with the help of the show’s Stephen Moyer, who recently dabbled in legitimate theater by looking gassy in NBC’s Sound Of Music. With their endorsement, Barr is hoping to mount a True Blood play that will at last remove all of the graphic nudity and dazzlingly gory special effects that make the monster love triangles of Sookie Stackhouse tolerable, and replace them with showtunes.

“I think the direction we’re heading in is really exciting,” said a man who’s obviously been working on True Blood for seven seasons.


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