Everyone knows a superhero is only as good as the people they surround themselves with, whether that’s a young ward and a kindly butler or an assistant/girlfriend and Jon Favreau. Now that Netflix’s Daredevil series has its lead, his friend, his enemy, and whoever Rosario Dawson is playing, things are almost fully in place.

In fact, one of the few still-missing pieces has just been found: According to The Hollywood Reporter, True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll is now joining the series as Karen Page, the secretary at Daredevil’s law firm and a future love interest for the blind acrobat superhero. According to THR, this will be the first time the character appears in a live-action Daredevil story “in a meaningful way,” which is a nice dig at the version of Page that Ellen Pompeo played in the last Daredevil movie. The “meaningful way” comment might also suggest that Page will take on a more important role in the story than simply “Daredevil’s girlfriend,” which would be a nice change of pace for a character who was created 50 years ago to be exactly that, but we’ll just have to see how Daredevil plays it out when the series premieres on Netflix next year.


With what we assume to be most of the main cast ready to go, all that remains is for Marvel to show off what this new live-action Daredevil’s costume will look like. Too bad there aren’t any big comic book conventions coming up. That would be perfect for this sort of thing.