In February, all seemed good in the Limp Bizkit camp. The '90s rap-rock band signed a new record deal with Cash Money Records, and was poised to get "back in this ho" that we call the record business. But it appears that things are not all red baseball caps and passed-out college girls after all. TMZ reports that Durst wants to fire two of the band's original members, drummer John Otto and DJ Lethal, because they do not fit with his "new vision" for Limp Bizkit. What that means isn't entirely clear, but Durst apparently is also upset that his bandmates' rock-star lifestyles don't gibe with his new, less nookie-obsessed existence.

Lethal is not happy about his possible exit from the band, telling TMZ, "We've worked together the last four years to bring Limp Bizkit back to where it is today and to just be thrown out on the street after the band gets a new deal and a new chance at life isn't cool. You can't push away the people who helped you get there. The fans should know that if two-fifths of the original band are not playing at the concerts, it won't be truthful to them." [via Rolling Stone]