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Tropical storm Jerry is inspiring some Seinfeld flashbacks

Screenshot: med (YouTube)

The Atlantic Ocean is brewing up three active tropical storms right now including Humberto in Bermuda, Imelda near Houston, and then there’s Jerry. The latter has got Twitter users putting forth their best Seinfeld jokes. Jerry is the tenth named storm of the year and is expected to turn into a hurricane by Friday, September 20, near the Leeward Islands, according to CNN.

Unsurprisingly, the internet has successfully turned this possible hurricane into a pop culture conversation by taking swings at popular sitcom Seinfeld’s peevish lead character Jerry (played by Jerry Seinfeld). There are also notable mentions of his Jerry’s nemesis Newman—typical exchange: “Hello… Newman” “Hello… Jerry”—and Netflix’s recent purchase of Seinfeld’s streaming rights. There’s even a nod to “Little Jerry”: a fighting rooster on the show, a pre-hurricane tropical storm here. You’ll be able to stream all 180 episodes in 2021; until then, stay safe as you enjoy the memes and throwbacks.


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