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Troll friends and lose Twitter followers with this Back To The Future Tumblr

Greetings, Facebook user! Do you want to get a whole bunch of “likes” by posting a fun, fortuitous reference to a popular ‘80s film without the satisfaction of actually being correct? Then try trolling your friends with Today Is The Day Marty McFly Goes To The Future, a Tumblr that posts a new Photoshopped image—apparently taken from itsbacktothefutureday.com—of the DeLorean dashboard from Back To The Future Part 2 for every day of the year.

Or if always being right is more your thing, you could track down those misguided souls on your friends list who have actually fallen for this prank and set them straight, preferably in savage, name-calling fashion. Because every pub trivia champ worth his or her punny team name knows that the actual date of Marty McFly’s trip to the future is October 21, 2015. Either way, you’re kind of a jerk.


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