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Troll 2, The Room stars join forces for what looks like a not-terrible movie

George Hardy is a chummy, successful Alabama dentist who, in the late ‘80s, found himself cast as a lead in the movie that would become Troll 2, one of the most notoriously shitty movies ever made. Hardy would lead another film in 2009's Best Worst Movie, a documentary about the Troll 2 phenomenon that found Hardy reflecting on his very real desire to be an actor. He’s had small roles in a few blue-sounding indies since then, but he’s front and center for his latest project, Texas Cotton, which debuts later this month at the Austin Film Festival.

Austin-based filmmaker Tyler Russell is behind the film, which tells the story of a small-town sheriff (Hardy) who gets mixed up with a mysterious stranger (The Walking Dead’s Lew Temple) caught “spraying things” on the town’s decimated crops. Also, it co-stars Juliette Danielle, who you may remember as (“you’re tearing me apart”) Lisa from Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. Talk about a fusion of bad movie royalty.

Entertainment Weekly shared the above clip from Texas Cotton, in which Hardy navigates a dark, dusty barn in search of the aforementioned stranger. Hardy’s Alabama lilt is as charming as ever, and, while nothing here transcends his iconic declaration that “you can’t piss on hospitality,” it’s just damn nice to hear his voice again.

Randall Colburn is The A.V. Club's Internet Culture Editor. He lives in Chicago, occasionally writes plays, and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie, the documentary about Troll 2.

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