So far, this whole presidential election thing has been a deeply thoughtful, refined, and all-around classy affair, with none of the candidates on either side of the aisle stooping to personal attacks or outlandish, blatantly racist statements. And since most professional comedians are struggling to find anything funny to say about Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, and whoever the other people are, Hulu and Funny Or Die have enlisted the help of someone who can find something to laugh about in these campaigns. Or, at the very least, he can probably find something—ahem—to poop on.

Yes, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog will be hosting an election special for Hulu, and Splitsider says it will premiere at some point next month. Appropriately titled Triumph’s Election Special 2016, the hourlong journalism event will feature Triumph interviewing people in a way that makes them look stupid, talking about the people around him as if he’s not a dog puppet, and generally embarrassing everyone involved (except, presumably, his longtime handler Robert Smigel). Triumph has reportedly already been to the debates for both parties, visited a Tea Party convention, and followed Ted Cruz’s bus, so there’s probably dozens of hours of footage of him talking about pooping on things in front of ostensibly respectable politicians.