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(Screengrab: CNN/YouTube)

After days of celebrity endorsements and related controversies, the Democratic National Convention wrapped up last night with the historic nomination of Hillary Clinton for president. The former secretary of state and U.S. Senator gave a stirring acceptance speech about unity and progress, that nonetheless allowed for much criticism of her now-official opponent, Donald Trump (way to go, America). Following the momentous occasion, Don Lemon convened his “political dream team,” which included guileless political commentator Angela Rye. The grind of the back-to-back conventions seems to have worn down Lemon, who wanly asked his guests for their favorite Trump-focused jabs. As they struggled to summon their best snark, they were interrupted by Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, who admitted he had nothing better to do than to crash the “party” at the CNN “Grill.”

But beyond a crack about low viewership, the cigar-chomping pup-pet wasn’t exactly brimming with snide remarks, either. He might have just been really moved by Clinton’s call to “be stronger together, my fellow Americans,” because he led the crowd in a chant of “Lemon,” whom he called an “overnight legend.” The segment didn’t yield much beyond mutual respect, which is actually not the worst way to wrap up all this convention coverage.


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