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Trey Parker has a mathematical explanation for why people love minions so damn much

Left: Universal Pictures; Right: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We did not exactly love Despicable Me 3, but South Park co-creator Trey Parker’s press tour for it has resulted in some fascinating peeks into his mind. It first provided some insights into how he and Matt Stone were planning on dealing with Donald Trump in the show’s upcoming season—that is, by not addressing him at all—and in the brief clip below he provides a straight-up mathematical explanation for the popularity of minions, the tiny yellow bit characters introduced in the first Despicable Me that have somehow turned into a franchise of their own and a scourge that plagues seemingly every corner of the internet. Starting at 1:25, an interviewer tosses Parker the softball of why the little guys are so darn awesome, and his response shows the pop culture sweep of his mind:

Apparently eight semitones upward is the magical quantity to pitch your voice in order to inspire worldwide universal adoration. For reference, here are the Member Berries from South Park:

The mice in Cinderella:

And, god help us, nine fucking minutes of minions:

Do you feel love in your heart right now?

[via Reddit]


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