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Trevor Noah undergoes emergency surgery, temporarily halting fake-news cycle

If you’re scrolling through the channels tonight and see the correspondents on The Daily Show discussing yesterday’s news, don’t panic. Superman has not turned back time by flying around the Earth really, really fast. Trevor Noah just almost died.

Don’t worry about that, either—he’s okay. He just underwent an emergency appendectomy this morning, as Comedy Central revealed in a tweet it sent out earlier today:


Take special note of that last sentence: Noah is expected to return to the Daily Show anchor’s desk as soon as tomorrow, which the doctors at Johns Hopkins say is technically okay after an appendectomy, since barring any complications patients can get up and walk around (or sit at a desk) for short periods of time the day after surgery. It still demonstrates great dedication to the job, though, especially if Noah does the show clutching his side like a hero in an action movie. Just don’t be surprised if he looks a little glassy-eyed.

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