(Photo: Comedy Central)

Comedy Central recognizes you’re probably feeling a little lost right now. It knows you grew up under the benevolent guidance of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, who taught you about world politics with self-deprecating sincerity. Comedy Central sympathizes. And you’re really not sure about this Trevor Noah character, nor his skeleton-filled Twitter account. Comedy Central understands. You probably won’t even tune in to Comedy Central when Noah officially starts his new Daily Show gig. THEY GET IT.

Perhaps in recognition of your freedom to choose, parent company Viacom will be mitigating Trevor Noah abstention by simulcasting The Daily Show’s season premiere on Comedy Central’s sister networks. According to Variety, other channels specifically scheduled for a Daily Show logjammin’ include MTV and VH1.


Commenting on the move during a press conference, Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless explained that Noah is “the next evolution in the franchise that is The Daily Show,” which is probably executive-speak for “He’s the new host. We know it; you know it; resistance is futile. Jon Stewart is no more.” She presumably punctuated her remarks with the ritualized release of Stewart’s soul into the afterlife, where, upon judgement, it will either ascend to Mount Olympus, or tumble into the pits of Tartarus and be eternally devoured by original Daily Show host Craig Kilborn.

Of course the choice to watch is yours, but choices come with consequences. If Viacom really wanted to lay waste to your cable box, it could potentially push Noah out to any of its 26 different networks. Please don’t make Viacom take over CMT Pure Country, your local access channel, the entire AM band of your car radio, regional Amber Alerts, and the vocal chords of your second-born child. Just tune in to Comedy Central on September 28 like a normal person, and watch Noah host The Daily Show.