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Trevor Noah is writing a book of personal essays

The Daily Show

Despite his gig hosting The Daily Show and his recent stand-up special, Trevor Noah has decided that there’s not enough Trevor Noah in the world. To rectify that, The Hollywood Reporter says he’s going to release a book of personal essays that will explore his perspective on “growing up in South Africa during the last gasps of apartheid and the tumultuous days of freedom that came with its demise.” That makes it sound more serious than it will probably end up being, though, as Noah points out that the book, like him, “doesn’t have an appendix.” Or maybe that one joke is the book’s only laugh, and the rest will all be sobering essays about apartheid and appendectomies.

The book is currently untitled—though Apartheid And Appendectomies is right there—and it will be released in November. THR helpfully notes that other comedians have written successful books of essays in the past, so that means this one will also probably be successful. Without any data to back it up, that seems like solid reasoning.


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